Thursday, July 19, 2012

Advice from the Experts: Opinionated Friends in Fitness!

I have a lot of friends in the health and fitness world. So many actually that I don't have enough phalanges to count them all on! I feel selfish keeping them to myself, so I thought it would be great to let them share input and advice on the page. 

Tomorrow, we are starting things off with our first contributor... the infamous, the one-of-a-kind, the breathtakingly handsome and bilingual (yes, ladies, he's bilingual) David Prado.

Prado was my first spin instructor over 5 years ago in Athens, Georgia, where we both attended the University of Georgia. He was also on the University of Georgia cycling team. In addition to cycling, Prado worked as an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer in Athens and Atlanta. These days, you can find Prado at Flywheel, a new boutique cycling studio in Atlanta. I lovingly called him the 'Sensai of Spin' in college... so clearly this is an attempt to live up to his title.

And live up to it, he does! His classes are hard AND he has been known to yell a time or two, but the results are a testament to his madness!   ...And the music's not too bad either.

Prado's version of 'Blue Steel'... as for me, who knows.

On top of everything else, Prado is one of the smartest people I know. He's finishing his last year of law school at Georgia State and has grand plans to take over the world! He also makes a mean mojito and can salsa dance like no other (he is Colombian after all).

Look for Prado's post tomorrow!

...And if you live in the Atlanta area, check out one of his classes at Flywheel by clicking on the link below:

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