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Baby Bok Choy: Throw Some Bok in Your Wok!

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Bok choy, specifically baby bok choy, is one of my personal favorites when it comes to leafy green vegetables. You can do so much with it, AND it's nutritional value is off the charts! Bok choy is one of the MOST nutrient-rich vegetables in the world.

Bok choy belongs to the cabbage family and is a cruciferous food, which is known for being especially nutrient-dense. It's packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, including...
  • Vitamin A, which nourishes your eyes and skin - Botox, schmotox!
  • Vitamin C, which helps your body resist infections and fight cancer-causing free radicals - BOOM! POW! WHACK! Take that, cancer!
  • Vitamin K, which strengthens your bones and limits neuron damange in the brain - Stay a smarty-pants longer!
  • Folate, which prevents anemia and produces and maintains new cells - Eat up, all my pregnant ladies!
  • Calcium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth - Your dentist will be impressed!

Bok choy is also packed with antioxidant phytochemicals, which have cancer-fighting properties. All of this for only 15 calories and 0 grams of fat per 1 cup of cooked bok choy! Yes, please!

When shopping for your baby bok, remember to look for vibrant green leaves and avoid yellowing or wilting. You can store bok choy in the refrigerator in an unsealed plastic bag for up to 3 days.

Try throwing sauteed bok choy into your morning omelette, into soup or pasta or as a side either grilled, steamed or braised. I've even seen it added to a grilled cheese. Talk about fantastic!

If you have the means, I recommend grilling the little suckers (especially in the summertime)! Make a marinade by combining olive oil (enough to cover the baby bok), juice from 4-5 lemons, the zest of 2 lemons, and basil, oregano, salt and pepper to taste. Then pour over the baby bok (halved lengthwise) and refrigerate for 3 or more hours (the longer the better)! Throw on the grill and cook until the leaves are nice and toasty (1-2 heads per person).

Here are some more ideas to get you started...


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