Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jump on that Java: The Latest Coffee Study

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I have mixed feelings on coffee. Now before you crucify me, coffee lovers, just hear me out!

I DO drink coffee. Not every day, but consistently. I like how it warms you up on a cold day (speaking of, I'd like one of those right about now!), it wakes you up on a Monday morning and it keeps you going when you hit that mid-afternoon crash at work.

What I DON'T like is the idea of becoming addicted to caffeine. It also makes me jittery more than half the time AND requires me to buy more whitening strips than my wallet would prefer.

So, I'm torn...OK?

Yesterday, CNN Health featured a story suggesting that coffee (or caffeine, more specifically) may help protect you from skin cancer. They basically said that people in the study who drank two or more cups of joe a day lessened their risk of developing basal cell carcinoma, a slow-growing form of skin cancer.

Now I probably need some wood to knock on, but if ANYONE is going to get skin cancer, it's this girl. My nickname in college was 'Big Red' or 'Lobster' ... you name it, I was called it. My brother was blessed with an olive complexion, while my skin was the color of a nice shade of pale. So needless to say, I've embraced a lifetime of sunscreen and aloe application. That's just how it's got to be, I guess.

So if this study turns out to be true, mark my words: I'm going to drink coffee like it's going out of style AND I will keep the teeth whitening companies in business.

Check out the article below for the full breakdown:

What do you think? Does this sound too good to be true? Comment away!

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  1. My iced coffee just got a bit sweeter :)