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Saturday Splurge: Traif (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

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This week's 'Saturday Splurge' is quite controversial indeed! Traif is the brainchild of Jason Marcus (former chef at Eleven Madison Park and La Bernardine) and his girlfriend Heather Heuser. They named their new venture Traif  - which comes from the Hebrew term 'trefa', meaning non-kosher food. The restaurant proclaims it's message loud and clear on the website... 'Celebrating pork, shellfish, and globally inspired soul food.'

Was I inspired? YES!
If you keep a kosher kitchen should you go? NO! 

The menu is meant for sharing, and although the dishes are small, they pack a huge flavor punch. We started with a complimentary tasting of their watermelon gazpacho, which was incredibly light and refreshing. Then we really got down to business.

First up was the strawberry-cinnamon glazed baby back pork ribs. Thankfully, we were smart enough to order this dish. Unfortunately for us though, it was the BEST dish of the night, making it an extremely tough act to follow. The sweetness of the strawberries gave the rib sauce a perfect hint of flavor without being overpowering. Perfection!

Next up was the moulard duck confit atop a sweet corn and shiitake mushroom saute. The duck was definitely good, but the saute stole the show. The combination was so mouth watering that once again, I forgot to take a picture.

After the duck, we enjoyed a salad with Georgia peaches, peanuts, cherries and blue cheese. The blue cheese was actually grated on top, giving the leaves a slight coating of cheesy, snowy goodness. I'd like to personally thank the person who decided to grate that cheese on top. Amen. Hallelujah!

Last, we enjoyed crispy soft shell crabs on a bed of crushed avocado with pineapple sambal. The seafood and avocado blended perfectly for a light and delicious summer dish.

Let me tell you, the bacon doughnuts (yes, you heard me correctly) were definitely tempting when it came to the dessert menu, but I just didn't think I could respect myself in the morning (I have a nutrition blog, ok?).

If you've been good all week and need a place to reward yourself, make a reservation at Traif. I promise you'll enjoy it.

229 S. 4th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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