Thursday, August 30, 2012

Advice From The Experts: The Road To Recovery

I have a real problem when it comes to wine and cheese. I can talk nutrition all day long, but when it comes to wine and cheese, all bets are off! Give me some! I like my wine red, white, rose... my cheese soft, hard, aged. It doesn't matter. I don't play favorites.

When I'm aching for these things, I call my friend Marissa Roy, mainly because she shares my appreciation for the finer things in life. I know she'll put down whatever she's doing in the name of wine and cheese (and some lively conversation).

In years past though, Marissa wouldn't be caught dead near these calorie-packed splurges. Marissa openly admits that she had a very unhealthy relationship with food, starting in college and continuing after graduation. When I first met her, Marissa was at a perfectly normal body weight; yet, she saw herself in a distorted way and began intensely restricting her diet because of it. Her negative body image eventually led to a major bout with depression, not uncommon to women with eating disorders and body image issues.

Tomorrow, Marissa will share her story. It's a story of reflection, healing and strength. Marissa did something very special after her recovery and I'm pretty sure the pictures will speak for themselves! You didn't hear it from me, but it has to do with bikes, wine and the Italian countryside!

If that isn't a winning combination, I don't know what is! Stay tuned for Marissa's article tomorrow!

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