Thursday, August 2, 2012

News Flash: Look Mom! I'm on TV!

By now, you've gotten to know me fairly well. I can only assume that you either 1) think I'm completely ridiculous, or 2) appreciate my embarrassing confessions for what they are, reasons to laugh out loud and be glad you don't have to hang out with me. Drumroll please... time for another embarrassing confession...

My first television debut was way back in 2003 when I did a shout out on MTV's 'Total Request Live' with my girlfriend Courtney Minton (we were in college by then... that's the MOST embarrassing part). Here's the gist... the camera cuts to my face halfway through Chingy's rendition of 'Holidae Inn'. I am hyperventilating and can barely remember what I was going to say. I pull myself together and start off with a shout out to my fellow-Atlantan, Andre 'Ice Cold' 3000 from Outkast. I then proceed to do the cheer of my alma mater 'GOOOOO DAWGS! Sic' em! Woof Woof Woof!' That's right! You heard me correctly. I 'barked' on live national television. 

We still have this clip on VHS to this day, and I will absolutely DIE if it ever gets out. 

Yesterday, I was the guest on 'What Would Julieanna Do?' on Veria Living TV, which airs on DISH and Verizon FiOS. I learned how to throw a healthy, eco-friendly party with Julieanna Hever, the 'Plant-Based Dietitian', who's been featured on many TV shows, including Doctor Oz. We taped three segments, and I only totally screwed up the first (I'd say that's pretty good for my first time on a talk show)! I even had my own makeup artist... every girl's dream!

I'm anticipating the show's airing with a mix of excitement and appall.

...It can't be as bad as my 'TRL' performance, right?

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