Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday Splurge: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I only have eyes for the Braves. I grew up in Atlanta and was a HUGE fan back in the days of David Justice, John Smoltz and Deion Sanders (aka. Neon Deion...Yes, he played baseball too!). I still wear my sacred 1991 World Series Champs t-shirt. While not as sparkly as it was 21 years ago, it's still pretty awesome and (now) vintage. It also makes me feel really awesome and totally vintage (ie. 'old') when I wear it.

Even though the Braves will ALWAYS be my team, it's hard for me to pass up free major league baseball tickets, even if it is the Mets, I have to schlepp it to Queens and our seats are in the nosebleeds. There's just something so comforting and familiar about a baseball stadium. They're all basically the same. Fun pregame activities for the kids, good 'ole American comfort food, a beer or two, and the sights and sounds of a packed out stadium cheering for their home team. It all adds up to an ideal summer evening.

Citi Stadium takes the experience to a whole new level in regards to the food though. Of course you can find your typical hot dogs and burgers, but you're also presented with a variety of eating options that are uniquely New York, including Shake Shack, Blue Smoke BBQ and Box Frites. They also have an 'Around The World' pavillion where you can order imported beers and other food items that you rarely find at other stadiums. It's a food lover's heaven.

We splurged on chipotle chicken wings and spare ribs from Blue Smoke, with a side of fries with rosemary buttermilk ranch from Box Frites. Talk about YUM and also 'hand me another napkin, fact, keep 'em coming!'.

The Mets ended up losing by an ungodly amount of runs, but that's the beauty in being a Braves fan at a Mets game... no sweat off my back! I was able to spend a beautiful evening outside, experience the underlying comradery that comes from being a baseball fan and do something out of the ordinary to nourish my spirit.

Yes, baseball is good for the soul.

...And so is watching all the awkward couples caught on the 'Kiss Cam' between innings! Hehe.

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