Friday, August 24, 2012

The Experts Weigh In: It Sux To Be Fat


Picture this... It is 2008. My days are spent teaching full time. My afternoons are spent taking long naps on the couch. My dinners are fast food, casseroles or sometimes my favorite meal of sausage and cheesy rice. My energy is nil. My activity level is also nil. Life is good, but somewhat nil. I feel there MUST be more!

Oh... and I weigh in at just over 280 pounds.

Now, fast forward to January 2009. My dad asks me to join Weight Watchers with him. "What?!?!?", I think. "Weight Watchers... AGAIN?!?". You see, I had done Weight Watchers SEVERAL times in the past and had not been successful. Sure, I would lose a few pounds, but as soon as the going got tough, I got going. I would quit and gain all the weight back, plus more.

I decided to give it a shot though... AGAIN. You see, I had somewhat of a different motivator this time. I didn't want to do it to look better (even though I was VERY overweight). I didn't want to do it to feel better (even though I had no energy, suffered from migraines and was sick constantly!). I NEEDED to do it because my husband and I wanted to start a family, and I knew pregnancy wasn't going to be easy at the weight I was at.

So, I joined... AGAIN.

I slowly started losing weight. I would lose on average 1-2 pounds per week. At around 25 pounds lost, my thinking started to change. I thought for the first time in my life, that maybe this time would be different and I would lose the weight. So... 1-2 pounds added up, and by the end of 2009, I had lost 75 pounds!

2010 was a very up and down year for me. I still continued to go to Weight Watchers meetings EVERY week. Lose or gain. I ended 2010 with a total loss of approximately 90 pounds.

It was in January of 2011, New Years Day to be exact, when my weight loss blog, It Sux To Be Fat, was born. My sister, husband and I were throwing around the idea of starting a weight loss blog. We came up with several names and the one that stuck was, It Sux To Be Fat. Because you know what? It does! There is NOTHING about being fat that doesn't suck. I had lived it for quite a long time. The name just seemed to fit.

2011 was THE big year for me. I hit the goal I had been working toward for over two years. On Halloween, I hit the big 100 pounds lost. There were three people in the meeting to celebrate with me, but my family also came, bringing the grand total to 6 people. I didn't care. I was over the moon with joy and thrilled that I had done it. No matter how long it took me, I had reached the goal I had set out to achieve. The main thing that made it possible was my determination to NEVER quit. No matter how much I gained, I continued to go to my meetings and hold myself accountable. My hard work paid off that Halloween night.

I reached my second milestone this past March. I ran a half marathon with one of my best friends. My goal was to finish in under 3 hours. I finished in two and a half! I didn't walk at all except to get water at water stations. Most importantly, I fnished. It was a huge accomplishment for me!

Just this summer, I had another awesome thing happen. FITNESS Magazine named my blog the Best Weight Loss Blog, and I was awarded the Fitterati Award. I was featured in FITNESS Magazine this summer, and I currently blog for them on their website.

Now picture this... It is 2012. I still teach full time. Every afternoon, I either spend time blogging, working an extra part time tutoring job or going for a run/walk. I am currently training for my second half marathon, which I will run this October. I have not had ONE migraine since January of 2009. I am hardly ever sick and have more energy now than I EVER have in my life.

Was it easy? No way.
Was it worth it? Absolutely.
Can ANYONE do it? Without a doubt. 

If you would have told me that I would lose 100 pounds, run a half marathon and have an award-winning weight loss blog, I would have told you that you were crazy! Well... guess what?!? All of that happened and so much more! And if I can do it, you can too! All you have to do is start and then commit to NEVER GIVE UP!

Jennifer Swafford is the blogger behind It Sux To Be Fat, named Best Weight Loss Blog by Fitness Magazine. Through a lot of hard work and the support of Weight Watchers, Jennifer succeeded in losing 100 pounds! When she's not blogging or training for a half marathon, Jennifer teaches elementary school at East Valley Elementary in Marietta, Georgia. She has a husband named Jason and a sweet little dog named Maggie. Jennifer is living proof that ANYONE can lose weight if they put their mind to it.


  1. ok, i read your guest blog over at jennifers sux to be fat. and how the heck would you consider yourself a chubster in that pic???? theres nothing more annoying to me than someone who posts a clearly not fat pic and then claims they are fat. gimme a break.

    1. My choice of words may have been lacking in the article and for that, I apologize. I was trying to express the fact that I was not at a normal healthy weight for ME. I was eating things that were not good for my body and feeling the effects inside and out. The picture may have not conveyed on the outside how I felt inside, but I didn't take a ton of pictures at the time to pull from because I was feeling this way.