Thursday, September 20, 2012

Advice From The Experts: Showing The Body Who's Boss

Guess which one is Marni!
I haven't known Marni for very long, a little over a year to be exact, but what I do know about Marni Blake Rothman is that she's electric. When Marni walks into a room, it's quite obvious she's arrived. There's always a big smile on her face, a sparkle in her eye and maybe even arms outstretched to give you a hug - if you're lucky. She's a walking, talking ball of love and you can feel it almost immediately.

In my previous job, I managed an indoor-cycling studio for Flywheel Sports. Marni came to try it out last summer and soon became a regular at Flywheel, attending a few classes each week. She was very vocal about her love for class, and in no time at all, we considered her (and her mom Felicia) part of the FLY family.

Months later I discovered that Marni had been diagnosed with a serious disease, and to make matters worse, she was only 23 when she got the news. Just by looking at her, you'd never guess that she was dealing with something so huge, but in a note to one of the instructors, she shared how she had struggled with her health for quite some time. Marni shared how she had not been able to find a workout that worked for her, but now, thanks to Flywheel, she had found the one thing that allowed her to rise above her body. She felt empowered and she felt strong for the first time in years.

Tomorrow, I asked Marni to share her story so that others are aware of the disease (to be revealed tomorrow) and the initial symptoms. Marni's story is a hopeful one - proving that there is life after your body turns on you. Marni has succeeded in showing her body who's boss, and I'm so happy to have her contribute.

Keep an eye out for Marni's article tomorrow!

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