Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday Splurge: Bluebird Sky (Manhattan)

Brunch in Chinatown might as well be self-imposed torture. I find myself making the same mistake over and over again because I really, really, really like Jing Fong's dim sum. Even when I wake up early, trying my best to beat the crowd, there's STILL a mob of people outside waiting for a table... and by mob, I do not exaggerate even the least little bit.

So imagine my delight when just a few blocks away, I stumble upon a very wonderful brunch option, hidden away on a quiet street with no line at all! Hot diggity damn! I find this brunch discovery so shocking because 1) it is right off Canal Street on Baxter (how have I never noticed this place?) and 2) it's not the least bit Asian-inspired though being located smack dab in the middle of Chinatown.

Wait! Wait! I haven't even told you the best part! They actually have shrimp 'n grits, one of my absolute favorite dishes! Shrimp 'n grits makes me want to pack up my things, move to New Orleans and never look back. I might just do it... you watch.

So obviously, I got the shrimp 'n grits. And boy, were they tasty! My brunch-mate Arionna, from Harlem Food Local, went with her brunch staple, eggs benedict. Now Arionna is a pretty tough critic when it comes to food (as she's an excellent cook and has her own food blog), but even she was sold on Bluebird Sky in approximately 2.5 seconds.

It actually got really hard to talk to each other after the first few bites. We were both having silent love affairs with our dishes, forgetting the other was across the table. Oh...and did I mention the prices are extremely reasonable for brunch in Manhattan? My wallet danced a little jig.

On top of the food and the prices, Bluebird Sky has the most attentive servers around. They obviously enjoy their jobs and want people to have a good experience there.

I would highly recommend Bluebird Sky for brunch with a good friend OR for a nice cup of afternoon joe. While we were there, even Iron Chef Marc Forgione stopped by for his morning coffee.

That about sums it up. Just go... trust me (and Marc Forgione).

121 Baxter Street (between Hester and Canal)
New York, NY 10013

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