Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: A Festivus for the Rest of Us

I try not to waste any time when it comes to the holidays. When the calendar says December, that's my cue to start decorating, baking and shopping (can't forget that one!). This weekend was just perfect, and what better way to share it than through pictures!

Hope you had a very festive weekend too! Stay tuned for Wednesday's post on a new and healthy breakfast idea to spice up your morning routine!

We finished the week with some ice skating at Bryant Park. Thankfully, no bones were broken (I have a
long history with skating rinks).
LOVE the huge tree at Bryant Park!
Spent the early hours of Saturday morning at my favorite coffee shop in Park Slope, Cafe Dada.
We've mastered the art of brunching... 1) Arrive to James early enough to get a table, 2) promptly place food order and
3) sit back, relax and watch as the latecomers fight for a spot.
What's a Saturday morning without a bloody mary?...
Followed by a black kale salad  with quinoa, almonds, ricotta cheese and a poached egg for me...
...and the pulled pork, pickled slaw and cheese scone for Adam.
What better place to purchase your Christmas tree! 
Yeah, that tree was too big for me. Thanks for man-handling it home, Adam!
Walter's first Christmas tree.
A late afternoon trip to check out the new David's Tea in Park Slope, followed by a quick trip
to Barnes & Noble for a good book.
We passed a health food store and I went slightly nuts.
Now for the decorating...
The glittery ornaments had my name all over them.
Walter's guilty face.  I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a ball rolling
across the bedroom floor. Guess who?
The flair on my tree. Isn't he cute?
Ta dah! My very first real-live New York City Christmas tree! It only took 4 years!
...and my Charlie Brown bathroom tree with the leftover trimmings!
A Sunday afternoon trip to Harney & Sons for more tea. 
Tea heaven... for real.
Yep, we went Christmas shopping for other people and only bought things for ourselves.
 Christmas - 1, Lauren and Adam - 0. Better luck next time!

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