Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: The Lazy Days

Happy Monday! Hold on, wait a second, it's Tuesday! (hot diggity damn!). Don't you just love 3-day weekends? I'm proud to say that I spent the larger part of this weekend relaxing and doing all the things that I enjoy... running in the park, reading a good book, catching up on TV shows, enjoying a hot cup of tea at the corner cafe with Adam and catching up on my sleep.

Boy do I feel refreshed.

Since I was so busy relaxing, I didn't have much time for blog writing. But you don't mind a few pictures, do you?

Hope everyone has a lovely week! I have some great stuff headed your way, including a guest post from Witty + Pretty's Ashley Hesseltine on Friday, so stay tuned!

Started off date night at the Standard Biergarten in the Meatpacking District. The 'garden' is enclosed and full of
toasty heat lamps, in case you were wondering how that concept plays out in the winter.
... followed by Fig + Olive for NYC Restaurant Week. 
I had the Paella del Mar. Hello, mussels! It's been awhile!
Somebody bought a new TV on Saturday. Hint: It wasn't me, but I did help lug it out of Best Buy
because I'm sweet like that.
Some early morning baking... a new granola variation - pecans, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,
currants and goji berries. Delicious.
...And Sunday - waking with the sun for a run with my friend Sarah.
Walter was pretty upset the Falcons lost. I appreciate his team spirit. 
Another great haircut by Simeon Kline, who so kindly came to me! If you need a cut in NYC, you can
reach him at simeonkline@gmail.com. 
What's a vacation day without a Mexican fiesta and a movie? We kept it semi-healthy... chips with chia seeds,
organic cheese and no sour cream. Oh... and the love of my life, Cholula. 
No matter how hard I try Walter still wins the relaxation award. Look at that technique!

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