Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Day Trippin' to Hudson

We lovingly refer to NYC as 'The Bubble'. Once you make a life for yourself in the Big Apple, it becomes hard to leave... and even harder when you don't have a mode of transportation to call your own. So when a friend calls you up and offers you a spot in their car for a weekend day trip to Hudson, New York, you'd be crazy to say 'no', right?

So off to Hudson we went with our friends Jason and Linda. Linda Draper is a very talented musician and was playing a show that night at The Spotty Dog. We spent the day exploring the city's many awesome antique stores. I swear... you can find ANYTHING in Hudson. A birdhouse the size of a mansion? Check. A chandelier as large as a Mini Cooper? Check. An Asian-inspired chest of drawers? Check. It's an interior designer's paradise.

But obviously the best part of the night was watching Linda work her magic on the mic. If you'd like a taste of Linda's musical stylings, here's the new video for her song 'Hollow'.

And of course you're all welcome to join us in person this Thursday, May 23rd at 7:30 pm at The Bitter End in NYC as we celebrate the release of her 7th album 'Edgewise'.

Photography - Shervin Lainez / Illustration - Dustin Lindblad 
And now, for some weekend photos...

We arrived to find an antique car show... guess we missed the memo on that one.
This lady could sing... and felt comfortable sporting head-to-toe leather - a winning combination.
A beautiful unnamed statue along the river - Joan of Arc, maybe?
Shopping at 3FortySeven - If I had $25K and a much larger residence, I might consider purchasing that chandelier.
Obviously, this Superman pogo stick was the best find of the day.
Outdoor eating - Mexican, Indian, Italian... whatever your little heart desires.
Getting set up for Linda's show - This awesome book store turns into a bar and performance space at night.
Big fan of the community vibe at The Spotty Dog.
Linda was joined by Kath Bloom and dare I say, they rocked out?

Walter was not amused to be left at home all day while we took a day trip.
It rained ALL day on Sunday, but that didn't stop us from checking out the 5th Avenue Street Fair...
...and indulging in brunch at Hunter's on Smith Street.
And of course, what's a weekend without a little Mad Men over dinner? Stay tuned for this week's recipe - Shrimp Curry with Vegetables!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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