Friday, July 12, 2013

Mystery Meat: What Really Happens at the Farm!

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When I was a sophomore in high school, a senior asked me to be his prom date. While this instantly put my father on high alert (not unlike the father from 10 Things I Hate About You when Bianca informs him she's going to the prom), he had absolutely NOTHING to worry about. While most of my friends' post-prom plans involved some sort of alcohol-infused after-party, mine involved an uncomfortable couch, a handful of popcorn and a screening of The Matrix at his parents' house. 

Every girl's dream date, right?

While he clearly didn't "get me" at all, he did introduce me to this fine piece of theater, starring the dashing Keanu Reeves (who I happen to share a birthday with). Actually... who am I kidding? I hated it with every bit of my being.

Worst prom night ever!

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There is a silver lining though. Watching that never-ending spectacle of science-fiction paved the way for me to understand the premise behind a slightly more current production, The Meatrix.

Now The Meatrix is something I can get behind!

Though my blog is very "veggie-focused", I do eat meat. I recognize that a large part of my dietary patterns now are directly linked to the food I grew up eating, and y'all, I'm from the South. We like our barbecue, chicken biscuits and burgers on the grill - that's just the honest truth of the matter.

So while I do eat meat, I make sure to eat it consciously. But what is "consciously" exactly? There are so many terms flying around out there that it's sometimes hard to understand what you're buying or why you should buy grass-fed, free-range, etc., especially when it's more expensive.

Thankfully, The Meatrix is here to save the day! Hell, it's a cartoon! Even a child could process this information.

So... for a very easy explanation of what goes on behind the scenes at the farm, click PLAY now!

And remember, once you see this, there's no turning back! 

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