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Understanding GMOs: Part 6

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Hello Friends!

Over the course of the last five weeks, we've identified 10 major assaults to the body, stemming from the consumption of insecticide and herbicide resistant GMO foods and food products, as well as damage from the environmental pollutants they produce.

Before we dive into the ways you can protect yourself next week, I thought we'd do a little review session today so your brain doesn't explode trying to process it all!

Here's why you should be wary of GMO foods and food products...

1.  They introduce Xenoestrogens into our body  - These are molecules derived from herbicides and pesticides which mimick estrogen in the body – basically, fake estrogen. They bind to the same cell receptors inducing a response, but they are undetectable in blood testing. Awesome.

2. Endocrine disruption - Multiple studies show the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup,Glyphosphate, is a known endocrine disruptor. Endocrine disruptions trigger hormone imbalances which lead to a variety of symptoms and diseases, including infertility and infant mortality. Please remind me which system in the body isn’t reliant on hormone signaling for proper function? Oh wait, they all are….shoot. FYI – many hormone imbalances are due to compromised detoxification functions.

3. Compromised Sulfur Metabolism - This leads to dysbiosis in the gut, leaky gut and inflammation. Have Crohns or Colitis?  Check your Sulfate levels.

4. Dysbiosis in the gut - Both insect resistant and herbicide resistant GMOs have been shown to selectively attack our beneficial gut flora – leading to a block in key pathways of our HUMAN health and function, and an overpopulation of bad bacteria, which leads to a leaky gut, inflammation, toxicity, digestive issues, neurological issues, mental and emotional health issues, infertility, cognitive ability, disrupted immune function, etc.

5. Leaky Gut - Now we are compromised and are at war with anything that dances over into our blood stream, bypassing the liver and other valuable pathways protecting us from foreign invaders. Even food that hasn't finished being digested can enter our blood stream. When this happens, we elicit an immune response. Poor guys can’t get a day off!  It's no wonder we end up with some form of chronic disease!

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6. Inflammation - Ahhh...the root cause of every chronic disease! Have knee/hip/neck/joint pain?  Inflammation. Have bleeding gums?  Inflammation. Diabetes, cancer, infertility, heart disease?  You’ve got inflammation. When your immune system can’t shut off it’s response, and is constantly being called in to action, and you have improper hormone signaling is telling the body to do one things when it really needs another, we are pretty much at war with ourselves. 

7.  Methionine Depletion – Methionine, an essential sulfur containing amino acid, has been linked to Autism when deficient. Compromised gut flora has also been linked to Autism. Hmmm….coincidence or possible pathway?

8.  Suppression of Cytochrome P450, which is responsible for Phase I detoxification in the Liver. Without getting into the process of normal liver function, there are three main phases - Phase I enzymes neutralize or convert chemicals to intermediaries for Phase II enzymes to conjugate (meaning the enzymes attach something to the toxin/intermediary ). This neutralizes the toxin and makes it water soluble so we can excrete it out via urine, sweat or bile. Phase III takes place in the gallbladder. So if you block Phase I, you can’t get to Phase II or III without some creative problem solving – which the body orchestrates. However this alternate route produces toxins and free radicals. Shoot. Best stick with Plan A – Phase I, Phase II and Phase III all the way!

9. Depletion of Cations – Calcium, Magnesium, Cobalt, Zinc and Iron - these are the cations I'm referring to. These puppies are essential for Phase I, II and III Liver detoxification and excretion.

10. Compromised Immune Function - I don’t think we need further elaboration here... you get it, right?

Next week, we'll wrap up this series with some simple tips for being a more conscious consumer and some simple tools to help you take back your health, so stay tuned!

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Shanna Wahlquist is a Certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in empowering women to adopt a sustainable and healthy lifestyle without dieting or feeling deprived, and supporting them in balancing their gut-mind-body relationship, which she believes is the foundation of every chronic disease and ailment.  She is the mother of two toddlers, ages 4 and 2.5 years old; her happy place is in the ocean surf, and her guilty pleasure is red wine – especially if it involves a limo with a group of friends! Shanna found her path to holistic healing after discovering the benefits of vegetable juicing in February 2012, a journey inspired by her desperation to discover the cause of the sudden onset of recurrent chronic respiratory illnesses suffered by her children. She used that experience as a launchpad for a career change and ended up discovering her true authentic self and life’s purpose. She’s always had a passion for science, food, healing and stewardship, and has created a business where she can enjoy them all simultaneously while making a difference in the lives of her family, friends, clients and community. You can find her on facebook at “NourishingMySoul”,  her blog at or her website,

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