Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 Things: Welcoming Fall with Gratitude!

Fall has officially arrived. It came quickly in the night and sent me running into the subway station shivering because I left the house without a proper jacket. Yes, friends, it's cold in NYC!  Maybe it's just me but fall feels like the New Year (not cold, dreary January). Granted, things aren't blooming (in fact, they're mostly dying), but there's something about the crispness of the air and the way the bright blue of the sky contrasts with the changing leaves and well... it just makes me feel alive!

Today, I'd like to start a little something called "5 Things". You've probably seen it done on other blogs and maybe that makes me an "idea stealer", but hey, a good idea is sure to get stolen by someone! You and I both know that attitude is everything. IF you think you're going to fail, you'll fail. IF you concentrate on the negative, things will be negative. But in contrast, if you visualize yourself succeeding, you will. And if you find the positive (even within the negative), life will seem a bit more positive! Today, I'd like to use my 5 THINGS to focus on five things that make me thankful to be alive today!

Maybe you could steal my stolen idea and make a list yourself! It's a great reminder of all the GOOD in your life so that when the bad inevitably pops up, you'll remember to adopt a "glass half full" perspective!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day... and a very happy birthday to my bestie Sarah over at Beyond the Batter

My very own, always reliable, always cute alarm clock...
The taste of a chai tea latte and the way it warms your whole body as it goes down..
The beginnings of the most glorious sunset from my rooftop (and the fact that this happens almost nightly)...
Wedding invites finally finished! Designed, printed, stamped and dropped at the post office!...
...and really awesome friends like Sarah! Happy Birthday, girl!
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  1. great post, I love chai tea and I just know how you feel when the invitations are FINALLY ready an gone...

    xoxo kathrin (Germany)

    1. Hello, Kathrin!! So good to hear from you! One of these days I'll make it to Germany and we will have to share a chai tea once I do!