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Body Check: Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

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I don't know about you but it's only Dec. 10th and I'm thinking of letting out all my pants (just as a preemptive measure). The holiday parties are in full force, the cookies are EVERYWHERE, and my calendar is full until the new year! Unfortunately, all this lovely socializing can wreak havoc on even the most health conscious eater (including me!). So today, I thought I'd share my top 5 tips for being nice to your body this holiday season (you don't want Santa thinking you're naughty, right?)...

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Non-alcoholic, that is. When everyone in the world is getting sick, the key to staying healthy is keeping the toxins flushed out of your lymphatic system. And how do you do that? Drink warm water throughout the day! Find a cute mug and keep it full! Locate the nearest bathroom and get used to commuting (j/k... well, not really). Hydration will help move those toxins through your system and an added side bonus is that the extra water will help prevent (and cure) those nasty holiday hangovers!

During the holiday season, it's not likely you're at home every night whipping up healthy meals (hey, no judgement here!). So what are you to do? An easy solution for making sure you get your fruits and veggies in every day is to JUICE THEM! Juicing is like giving your body a shot of nutrients, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to find a juice bar on your morning commute so you don't have to deal with the clean-up!

Literally, hug it and tell it how much you love it. It's your best friend this time of year when you're deprived of nutrients. WholeFoods has a great one OR you could do things the old-fashioned way and make a salad yourself. Either way, I highly suggest working in just 1 salad a day (as a side or better yet, a main course!). Greens help boost your immunity and give your body the building blocks it needs to power through the season!

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Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can hibernate!  I'll be the first to admit that it's easier to be active during the warmer months, but regardless, your body still craves movement. If you aren't able to make it outside for a run OR your schedule is too tight to make that regular class at the gym, wake up 15 minutes earlier and spend some time stretching OR practice a few yoga poses before winding down for bed. Trust me, every little bit counts!

You know what? Guilt causes stress and stress burdens your immune system (not to mention, causes the release of the fat-storing hormone cortisol). So stop stressing over your holiday indulding! Give yourself a break! Remember... you're only human and seasonal festivities are normal this time of year. Instead of bitching and moaning about what you shouldn't have eaten last night at the holiday party, move on! Make a plan before going into your next party so that you still enjoy yourself but do it in moderation. Balance is the name of the game this season!

Ok, team, ready to divide and conquer out there? Good luck!

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