Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peaches: A Tribute To My Roots and My Band

I few years ago, I learned how to play the drums. Adam picked up the guitar. We turned out to be pretty good. So good that we decided to tour the country. We formed a band, and fondly named it 'The Raging Hormones'. We had groupies (how could we not with a name like that?). My stage name was 'Peaches', as a tribute to my Georgian roots. His stage name was questionable, so I'll just keep that to myself. We played in bars, restaurants, out of the back of our station wagon...

Nah... I'm just jerking your chain. We didn't have a REAL band. We had a 'Rock Band' band. How embarrassing is that?!?

What does that have to do with today's post? Not a whole lot other than the fact that I share a stage name with today's amazing fruit, the peach.

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Peaches originated in China and slowly made their way to many other places. The Spaniards brought them to the states, including my glorious home state of Georgia. Peaches clearly caught on because they're delicious, BUT they're also pretty good for you too. Peaches...

  • Have fewer than 70 calories, and that's for a large peach! - Snack on, my friends!
  • Contain about 7% of your day's fiber (based on a 2,000 calorie diet) and help you feel full longer. -  They're tricky little things!
  • Are 80% water, which helps flush out your system. - A mini-cleanse, without the pain of a full-on cleanse!
  • Help you curb that sweet tooth without jumping for the dessert tray! The natural sugars found in fruit are much easier for your body to process than the added sugars you find in processed foods. - Back away from the dessert table slowly!
  • Increase your daily selenium intake, which can put you at less risk of skin cancer. - Sunscreen and peaches!
  • Provide additional sources of vitamin A and vitamin C. - A little more help can't hurt!

Those peaces are looking REEAAAALLLLL good about now. They're in season during the summer months, so NOW is the time! When buying peaches, stay away from bruising and look for firm peaches that yield slightly with a little pressure. They also start to smell really nice about the time they are ripe and ready to go!

In addition to snacking on them, here are a few recipes to get your wheels turning...

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