Thursday, August 16, 2012

Advice From The Experts: A Couple of CrossFit Junkies!

We all make choices in life. Some people choose to sign up for 3 am wake-up calls, intense physical exertion and extreme verbal abuse. It's called boot camp. You join the Army to participate. You willingly give up your creature comforts to put your body and mind through numbing pain that only the Army can provide.

This is how I envision CrossFit. Yikes.

Now... having never tried CrossFit and barely knowing what it entails, I realize my impression of it is seriously skewed. That's why I decided to bring in the big guns for tomorrow's article. I wanted to get a male vs. female perspective on CrossFit from two people who are entrenched in the program.

Bubba Brocard (I'm pretty sure no one knows his real first name) is a total CrossFit convert. Bubba has always been athletic but found himself tired of the same old workout routine. He started doing CrossFit three and a half years ago and is now a CF Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit East Cobb who also plans to open his own CrossFit gym within the year. By day, Bubba is a special education teacher at Wheeler High School in Marietta, Georgia, but by night, he's a competitive wakeboarder and total extreme sports junkie. On his day off, you can find him at the lake riding the wake or just being generally OCD about cleanliness. Now, this may be too much information, but... Bubba shaves his whole body religiously and does a load of laundry per day. Hear that ladies?! He does his own laundry! ...and who likes hair anyways?!?

Kristen Schloegel (or 'The Schloeg' as I like to call her) is a recent CrossFit disciple who found herself giving it a try after re-connecting with an old friend (at a Bachelorette party, nonetheless!) who owns a CrossFit gym in Tampa, Florida. She talked it up so much that Kristen just had to see what it was all about. Once she tried her first class, she was hooked... line and sinker! When she's not 'owning it' in CrossFit, Kristen works in Richmond as a surgical/trauma ICU nurse, a very demanding but rewarding career choice. On her day off, you can find her brewing a cup of French press to start off the day, then exploring the hidden gems of Richmond or getting lost in a book at the coffee shop. ...And this girl actually punk'd Tyler Perry while in nursing school. Hey, maybe we'll catch her on the big screen one day!

Get ready for Bubba and Kristen's 2-for-1 tomorrow! Then maybe we'll figure out this CrossFit thing once and for all!

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