Thursday, August 9, 2012

Advice From The Experts: Dancing Like She Means It!

Image courtesy of Ryan Woolsey
I've always dreamed of being a dancer (well... me, and every other 12 year old girl on the planet). All these new and glamorous reality TV dance competitions are only making my desire worse. My ideal job would be to backup dance for Janet Jackson (aka. Miss Jackson, if you're nasty).

It's probably not going to happen for me (I didn't even take ballet classes in preschool), but the dance lifestyle IS a reality for tomorrow's guest contributor, Jenny Broe Price. Jenny lives to dance. She is the Executive Director of Dancefx Charleston, the Co-Founder and Director of the Charleston Dance Festival (which is about to hit September 10-16th if you're in the area) and the Head Coach of the Charleston Man of War All Star Dance Team.

When Jenny is not dancing, you can find her on the water. Her husband (the non-workaholic, leisure lover of the family) takes her fishing with him because she catches a mean flounder. Jenny's also a Georgia Peach, like myself, so that means she knows how to cook it!

Keep your eyes peeled for Jenny's article tomorrow! And check out one of her shows if you're in the Charleston area.

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