Friday, August 3, 2012

The Experts Weigh In: Fill Yourself with Goodness!

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Top of the morning from South Beach, Miami!

I have several aliases. The one friends use when referring to my life (which is centered on spas, health and wellness) is 'Sunshine on Sticks'. I believe good health involves your mind, body and spirit, and I'm constantly working to achieve and keep each of those aspects in balance. I feel great physically, I try to always have a grateful and humble spirit and I move through each day with a positive attitude.

For my first post, I'd like to focus on nutrition, specifically JUICING. Since the very young age of 10 years old, I've been interested in good nutrition, supplements and exercise. Over the years, I've studied and participated in many health and nutrition programs, regimes and treatments. My company, Vitel Resources, is based on the concepts of health and wellness. For me, it's not just 'work' or a 'paycheck'. It's truly my PASSION and how I live - 'my lifestyle'.

One of the easiest and healthiest regimes I do (that has an instant impact on my body) is JUICING.  Every day, I juice fresh veggies and limited fruit, as well as make healthy green veggie smoothies. Both are loaded with goodness and pack a powerful, positive punch for your body’s systems. KAPOW!!

I'd like to share some of my juicing secrets with you!

In the morning, about 30 minutes after leaping from bed, I juice 1 cucumber (great anti-inflammatory and diuretic qualities), 1 whole lemon (a great liver detox), 1 Granny Smith apple (great for fiber and parasites), 3 thumb-size pieces of ginger root (great for metabolism and digestion). Sometimes I add a couple of stalks of celery and a small slice of pineapple (great enzyme source). Talk about yumminess. It's a zesty 'start-me-up' for the body in the morning!

Thirty minutes before my workout OR for lunch, I make a Green Veggie Smoothie, which contains... 1/2 cup cold distilled water, 2 Tablespoons of Chia seeds, 1 Tablespoon of Maca Root Powder, 1 Scoop of Zero Carb Protein (Banana Flavor), 2 big handfulls of kale leaves, a dash of kosher sea salt, 2 ice cubes. I combine this in the Vita-Mix or Blender and BOOM! My Superhero Green Smoothie!  This will POWER you through the day OR your workout!

Now I don’t want to hear any 'I can’t get my nutrients from veggies' talk. Yes, you CAN! You can get nutrients and so much more, so LOAD UP!

I'll leave you with a few tips...

When shopping at the supermarket, only shop the perimeter. Think about it. Produce is on the perimeter (and also meat and eggs, for the carnivores out there). Most everything else in the center aisles is junk - junk that is toxic to your body.

You are what you eat. Every 35 days your skin replaces itself and your body makes new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally BECOMES YOU! You have a choice in what you're made of.

Peace and Love! 
~L.A. (aka. Sunshine on Sticks)

Lisa Adams is a spa developer, wellness enthusiast and avid juicer, living the life in sunny Miami, Florida. On her days off, you can catch her (or 'try to' catch her) as she runs 10 miles on the beach (for fun!). She loves hanging with the guys and tearing up the drum set. You might even see Lisa's name on the shelf soon, as she is set to publish two books in the near future!


  1. "Every 35 days your skin replaces itself and your body makes new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally BECOMES YOU!"

    Okay... so if I'm getting this right, that means the reason for my horrific breakout last week was due to the ridiculous amount of crap I ate 35 days before? Ugh... :(

    1. But on the bright side, if you eat good things today, your skin will be glowing in 30 days time! LOL!