Thursday, October 18, 2012

Advice From The Experts: Triple Threat in the Kitchen

When I moved out of the dorms after my freshman year, tomorrow's guest contributor Sara Warner graciously offered me a bedroom in her Athens, Georgia, apartment - with my very own bathroom (hello, upgrade!). I couldn't turn that deal down... especially since Sara had always been such a good friend in high school. She used to pick me up in her flashy gold sports car before I even had a driver's license. What a gal!

Turns out, my choice of roommates was a smart one. Sara is Italian, and in keeping with her Italian roots, she loves to cook. She can whip up gnocchi from scratch, she frequently creates her own recipes and she makes a mean dessert. She's what you call a triple threat, but much sweeter. 

When we lived together, my bedroom was on the top floor of our apartment. Even from my perch, I could smell the savory scents coming from the kitchen. After college, Sara married George, and I'm pretty sure he's the luckiest man on the planet. If I had her cooking every night, I might never leave the dinner table and I would surely love her forever (and ever, amen).

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Though we lost touch after college, I'd like to think that our interest in food and nutrition brought us together. I recently discovered that Sara has an awesome blog called Pidge's Pantry where she shares her original recipes. Last year, Sara was told by her doctor that she needed to change her diet because her current way of eating was causing some health problems. At first, this sounded daunting, but being the amazing cook that she is, Sara quickly adapted and now uses her blog as a platform to promote her recipes, which are all 100% whole wheat and low/no sugar. 

Tomorrow, Sara is going to share her story and her blog with you! Make sure you come hungry! It's guaranteed to satisfy!

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