Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Song O' The Day: Redneck Woman (Gretchen Wilson)

This Friday's song TOTALLY came out of left field. It popped into my head and I decided that (while I may not be a redneck), I AM from the South and every once in awhile I need to sneak away from the bright lights of the big city and head up into the hills. 

This weekend I'm going camping with eight of my closest friends and a cooler full of tasty food and beverages. Last time we went camping as a group, a friend (who shall not be named) split her head open on a tree and another friend twisted her ankle on the trail when we were still 1 hour away from the campsite. Let's hope for better luck this time!

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to relax! Over the river and through the woods I go!!!

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