Thursday, November 8, 2012

Advice From The Experts: You're Only Invincible In Your Own Mind

That's Rachel...right there in the middle!
It's taken me almost 30 years to realize I'm not invincible. Maybe you're smarter and learned this tough lesson sooner, but I definitely did not. It snuck up on me slowly. Real stealth-like. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Do you feel it too? Maybe you're not so quick to bounce back after a workout, maybe you find yourself more tired these days or maybe you received a diagnosis from the doctor that finally made the message loud and clear.

I think most of us feel like we're doing pretty good until we find out we're not. For some people, it's a gradual realization. For others, it's a 'smack in the face' kind of moment. Tomorrow, my high school friend Rachel Boyd will be sharing her story with you. Rachel was diagnosed last year with a long-term illness. At the time, this was a woman who could count her sick days on one finger. That's right! Just one finger! Obviously the news was shocking and scary, but I'm happy to tell you that Rachel has seized the day and faced her illness with incredible courage. Tomorrow, she'll share her story with you, and even though it's serious stuff, you'll probably giggle as you read it. She's got a snarky sense of humor, a great perspective on something 'not so great' and some thoughtful tips to share with those who may be dealing with the same thing (or know someone who is). Stay tuned for Rachel's article tomorrow! You won't want to miss it!

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