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The Experts Weigh In: 5 Low-Cal Cocktails!

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Asking a girl to choose between being skinny and boozy bonding with her gal pals is like asking if she’d rather make out with Adam Levine or Channing Tatum. It’s literally impossible to answer. (Or is that just me?)

Anyway. If you like to imbibe, but also want to maintain a rockin’ bod, the conflict of calorie-laden cocktails is unavoidable. You just can’t crush martinis and mojitos and expect to look like, well, the kind of girl Mr. Levine would make out with. And plain vodka sodas just get so boring. Luckily, there are plenty of enticing low-cal/low-sugar options available at drinking establishments (for the most part), which are also easy enough to make at home. And if you use organic and/or low-cal liquors (I like Voli Vodka for low-cal and Kanon or Prairie for organic), you’re being even more health-conscious. Let’s mix it up, shall we?

low-cal cocktails

*I’m using a standard 1.5 oz. pour for the liquor amounts/cal counts (although 2-3 is my standard when I’m slinging bevvies).

What: The Lean Green
How: Muddle (read: crush) 3-4 basil leaves in a glass. Mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts club soda and squeeze  in 2-3 lime wedges (or lemon if you prefer). Serve over ice. If you want to get extra fancy (and tasty), add a muddled strawberry or two.
Why: The greens make this just as nutritious as a salad. Okay, that’s a lie, but it’s an amazingly refreshing, delicious beverage. (Disclaimer: must like basil to enjoy.)
Cal Count: 100-120

What: The Beach Babe
How: Mix 1 part vodka OR light rum with 2 parts coconut water (I prefer Zico’s or Amy and Brian’s) and a splash of pineapple juice. Serve over ice. A lower-cal and equally delicious alternative is vodka, coconut water, and fresh lemon juice (2-3 wedges) and you can even serve it up as a martini.
Why: One sip whisks you away to a tropical vacay daydream (complete with cabana boy). And while this may have a few more calories due to the coconut water, you’re hydrating while you’re throwing ‘em back (clutch for the morning after).
Cal Count: 140-170

What: Dreamsicle
How: The official Dreamsicle is simply mixing 1 part Voli low-cal Orange Vanilla Fusion vodka and 2 parts diet ginger ale. But you can make this with any vanilla vodka and diet ginger. Add 2-3 squeezed orange slices for extra flair and flavor and serve over ice. 
 It's like the ice creamy dessert you enjoyed as a kid. And it's so easy, a kid could actually make it (not that I endorse that). 
Cal Count:  
80-130 (depending on the vodka you use)

What: Model Body Mojito
How: Muddle 3-4 mint leaves in a glass. Mix 1 part light rum and 2 parts club soda, 1 tbsp. agave nectar (OR a few drops of liquid Stevia if you can find it), and 3-4 squeezed limes. Serve over ice.
Why: Close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re strolling down a beach somewhere looking like Gisele’s body double. Ish.
Cal Count: 100-150 (depending on whether you use agave or Stevia)

What: Sinless Margarita or Beerita
How: Mix 1 part agave tequila (look for '100% de agave' on the label) with 2 parts Sinless Margarita mix (locations listed online). I like to add in a splash of club soda to dilute some of the sweetness OR some light beer (Corona Light or Bud Light Lime) for a refreshing beerita! Ole!
Why: Because you’re a caliente senorita.
Cal Count: 110-140 (depending on whether you use beer)

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


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