Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Lights, Camera, Chili!

I had an action packed weekend. I accidentally ran a 5K on Saturday (oopsies), then spent the day shooting photos for my new blog with the lovely and talented Linda Peters. I finished the day by celebrating my friend Sarah's new job over cocktails at my favorite Park Slope wine bar, Wolf and Deer.

But Sunday was the true highlight of my weekend! I spent the day eating my heart out at NYChilifest 2013 at the Chelsea Market. This was clearly a splurge, but they must have known I was coming and made sure the beef was locally raised at Wrighteous Organics in Schoharie, New York. Each contestant was encouraged to use only meat from responsibly-raised animals, and the proceeds went to Food Systems Network NYC, an organization that works to ensure universal access to nourishing, affordable food that puts an emphasis on the regional farm economy.

So obviously... it was responsible splurging! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Get ready for a super fun post this week about making your own beauty products!

Accidentally joined a 5K on my Saturday morning run. Worst part? Getting left in the dust by an 8 year old with the legs of an Olympic sprinter. The best part? Getting cheered on as I crossed the finish line by people who clearly mistook me for an actual participant. 
Photo shoot for my new and improved blog... to be debuted soon!
Walter wanted in on the action.
NYChiliFest 2013 started off with the musical stylings of Super Bad Brad. A little 'Kung Fu Fighting', anyone?  I am now determined to have him perform at my birthday party this year. I WILL find you, Super Bad Brad.
They gave us our cups and it was on!
So many people, so much chili.
Oh yes, I'll take a little hot sauce, please!
Chili sampling heaven.
And what's a chili fest without a little country music courtesy of The Dixons?
Frito Pie... a Texas specialty!
Too much chili... yikes!

And because it's Monday and everyone needs a little 'pick me up'... 
here are some vids for your viewing pleasure!

Super Bad Brad

The Dixons

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