Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Inspiration: Light in the Darkness

I usually take Thursdays off from blogging to kick off my shoes, turn on a good soap and eat some bonbons... you know, the usual (I kid, I kid). But considering all the sad and discouraging events of this week, I figured the bonbons could wait. We could all use something to move our minds back to a positive place. 

You've probably already seen this video by DOVE, as it's quickly gone viral, but if you haven't, take a few minutes to watch it. It will really make you think. It's no big secret that many of us have a hard time feeling beautiful. We women especially tend to be overly critical of ourselves.

So, take a minute, watch this video and be reminded that you are beautiful.

I also wanted to share a story about 46-year old Brent Cunningham, who completed the Boston Marathon about 30 minutes before the explosions went off. He did something incredibly selfless for another runner in the wake of the attack, and it's definitely worth reading. 

There are still good people out there. Let's not forget that. 

To read, click here.

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