Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Over the River and Through the Woods

Finally! The sun broke through the rain clouds and allowed us a trip upstate to Beacon, New York, for some good old fashioned hiking and camping this past weekend. If you've never been, Malouf's Mountain Sunset Campground is a great place to get out of the city without spending a fortune. Honestly, you feel worlds away when you're there and in my opinion, there's no better place to rest and recharge your battery. 

This time around, Andrea and Cory joined us for a little double-date camping expedition. Best part? Swimming in the reservoir and catching frogs and other slimy things. It was just like an episode out of The Andy Griffith Show (but without the fishing poles).

And now for photos...

We both agreed that waking up early on a Saturday would be well worth it...
... if only to spend 24 hours with this crazy duo,
... and get these amazing views of the Hudson River. 
Adam showing his disdain for the newest addition to the trail. 
Catching some rays at the Reservoir (thanks for the new Keens, dad!)
Adam kept it nutritious with a massaged kale salad with apples, cranberries and almonds.  
The suicidal cicada we saved from an untimely death in the water. 
Hard to believe we were only one hour north of the 'Concrete Jungle'. 
Our home for the night at Malouf's Mountain Sunset Campground. 
Grilled corn on the cob and baby bok choy.
The hike out... right before the post-camping depression set in.
Somebody had too much fun...
...and missed the best part of the train ride - Bannerman Castle. 
My old roomie, camping buddy and soon-to-be bridesmaid Andrea (who doubles as a strobe light on the weekends).
Wishing you all a wonderful week! Remember, take some time to recharge your battery... it's so important!

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