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Breakin' a Sweat: Uplift Studios (Manhattan)

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I can't believe it's August already!  Summer is winding down (hello, back to school posts on Facebook!) so I think it's time we got down to business in the fitness department. The holidays are right around the corner you know! Why not get that bod of yours leaned and toned before the holiday goodies hit the scene? You'll be one step ahead of the rest! 

This month, our guest contributors are going to fill you in on the best studios to work up a good sweat! We'll start with my friend Liz Barnet. Take it away, Liz!


Between career demands, social obligations, passion projects and just trying to find the chance to relax a little, it's hard to imagine finding the time and the energy to dedicate to a fitness routine. In NYC, there's certainly not a shortage of options: national gym chains, small single location studios, and boutique fitness hubs abound. It can be incredibly overwhelming trying to ascertain where to even begin, and that's before you consider the hefty price tag many of these options carry.

As a Fitness + Food Coach based here in Manhattan, I know all too well how confusing it can be to approach a fitness regime at first. There can be almost too many options to consider, and then one must attempt to formulate the perfect combination of strength, cardio, agility, flexibility, and oh yeah... fun!

I feel privileged to be a part of what I consider THE place to get fit and have fun while doing it - Uplift Studios. Did I mention it's reserved for the fairer sex only?

"Uplift is a women-only boutique fitness studio offering amazing group classes, 
personal training and private events. We have been called the 'friendliest fitness studio' in town, 
and there's a reason why. Uplift is not just a place to work out - it is a place where women come to do something great for themselves in a fun, friendly and, yes, Uplift-ing atmosphere. We were founded on the philosophy that working out and having an active social life are two of the key components to creating happy, successful lives for women in New York City. Uplift is committed to 
the empowerment, support and camaraderie of and among our clients." 

Being at Uplift is like hanging out with a group of your best girlfriends having a great time... while you are sweating out stress, building strength and endurance, and creating a kick ass body that can work hard and play hard.

In addition to personal training and special events, Uplift Studios offers two signature classes:

UPLIFTING-STRENGTH: This class focuses on utilizing heavier weights for serious strength training, while incorporating three bursts of Tabata-style, high-intensity cardio to keep the heart rate up and blast those calories.

UPLIFTING-CARDIO: This is a super high-energy, bootcamp style cardio class that alternates between cardio-based high intensity interval training and full-body toning exercises that utilize lighter weights and higher repetitions to get your muscles burning and shaking.

What this means is that with these two classes, you will be getting pretty much everything you need to reach fitness heights! They are designed to compliment one another so that you work all muscle groups and energy systems in a balanced way for the best results.

I teach Uplifting-Strength, and I consistently leave class feeling exhilarated and accomplished. I'd love to offer the readers of Strictly Nutritious a complimentary class to come see what Uplift is all about.*

If you can't make it to the studio because you aren't in Manhattan (or, perhaps, are a dude), I'll be back next week with a 15-minute at-home workout based on the principles of Uplifting-Strength! So stay tuned!

*To sign up for your complimentary first time class, go to the Uplift Studios website at Click on the green "Get Uplifted" button, which will take you to our Mind Body Online portal (even if you have registered for Mind Body with another studio, you will still have to create a unique username and password for Uplift). Fill out the required information, including the payment information. Then click on the "Buy" tab and select the class option for "New to Uplift", which should show as $16 instead of the full price of $32. Then, put the code "UpliftLB" in the promotion box to receive the free class. Once you purchase it, you can then schedule your class. Feel free to use it on any instructor's class in either format. You can email me at with any questions!

Liz Barnet is a Fitness + Food Coach based out of Manhattan. Liz takes fitness and food seriously - it's her life. However she knows not everyone is as pumped as she is to take a spin class before running across town for yoga, or spending all morning at the farmers' market hand-picking the best produce. Liz's specialty is making fitness and food approachable, replicable, and most of all, enjoyable. There is an overflow of information available when it comes to fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. Eat this (but don't eat that), do this to lose 5 lbs. (but doing this will make you bulky), work out every day (or only once a week). It's no surprise that many people stick with bad habits or jump on the latest bandwagon desperately hoping for results. Liz's no nonsense approach to health leaves little room for confusion or indecision. By clearly outlining your goals, obstacles, tools, and game plan, achieving your healthiest you becomes straightforward and doable. Along the way and with Liz leading you, you may even come to find that you enjoy the journey.

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